Bazaar Improvement Plans

Credit Bazaar provide five types of Bazaar Improvement Plans namely Classic, Gold, Elite, Imperia and Insignia based on the credit period, subscription charges, and the choice of services. The services provided in these plans are mentioned below in detail:

Bazaar Improvement Plans
  1. Credit report analysis: A record for your financial behaviour, kept by credit bureaus and provided to businesses when they want to evaluate potential borrowers is known as a credit report. Basically, there are three credit bureaus maintaining credit reports on consumers, namely, Equifax, TransUnion and Experian. We assist you in accessing and understanding your report. A credit report includes personal information, account information, credit summary, inquiries, public records, collections, and dispute file information. The report is also known as a credit file, credit record, or credit history. It lists all the accounts that you have used or opened in the past seven to ten years. We, at Creditbazaar, provide you with a detailed analysis of your credit report along with expert advice on how to improve your score to meet your financial goals. You can have your credit report accessed through Through this analysing, identifying information section is checked for accuracy. There might be small problems recognized such as misspellings of your name. While these mistakes are not a huge concern, larger issues and outright errors might be red flags for identity theft and should be addressed immediately. The fraud alerts depicting any identity theft or fraud are shown on the reports, these alerts can be investigated and looked upon. One can also observe their credit score and match it with different credit bureaus. Each of the scores should be relatively similar, or else something is wrong.  A plan can be put forth for improving your credit score over a period of time. As long as one pays off the debts aggressively, does bill payments on time, and avoids opening new lines of credit, the score can improve along with the overall financial future. All the five plans provided by Credit Bazaar, such as Classic, Gold, Elite, Imperia and Insignia provide the Credit Report Analysis service.
  2. Credit rectification tools: There are various credit rectification tools such as loan closure tool, rectification tool, score building tool, and monitoring tool which helps you to improve your credit score. Through these tools, you receive support and options on ways to improve your credit score. Alerts can be set on the active credit accounts for paying the dues on time. Thus, peace of mind is enjoyed as you are protected from fraud and identity theft. You can easily track errors through the rectification tool and report them to the relevant credit bureaus in a few seconds and get it fixed. All five plans by Credit Bazaar include this service.
  3. Score enhancement: Credit score enhancement can be very easily done by paying your bills, keeping a low balance on credit cards, paying off debts, applying for new credit accounts only when needed, and closing unused credit cards.
  4. Online counselling: All the five plans provided by Credit Bazaar, such as Classic, Gold, Elite, Imperia and Insignia provide basic services such as Credit Report Analysis, Credit Rectification Tools, Score Enhancement, and Online Counselling services.
  5. Voice assist counselling: A Voice Assist Counselling can help you with your credit report or other credit-related queries. Your issues are resolved in an easy and appropriate manner so that there is no confusion. A peace of mind is experienced as your credit issues are well-handled by such counsellors. All the Bazaar Improvement plans by Credit Bazaar offer the Voice Assist Counselling service.
  6. Loan assist desk: The customers can get in touch with the customer care representatives who are qualified to provide you with any type of assistance relating to loans. Any problems faced while receiving loans can be assisted on with this service. The tips for improvement of credit score for easy access to personal loans are also provided to the consumers. Except for the Classic plan, all other plans offer this service.
  7. Credit card assist desk: A Credit Card Assist Desk acts as a credit counsellor who will provide you with feedback on how to improve your credit situation. The counsellor helps you to carry out proper budgeting, suggests steps on improving your financial situation, refers you to tools and resources and reviews your credit report(s). The assistant might also suggest you a debt management plan (DMP), which can help you to get out of debts in a faster manner, by setting up a payment schedule and lowering your interest rates. This actually acts as a last resort. Also, after deciding what plan you are going to go for, the assistant might follow up with you for checking up on the on-goings of the plan. You may also schedule another follow-up session for further assistance. The counsellor needs to know all the information pertaining to assets, debts, income and monthly expenses before providing you with the appropriate solution for your current credit problem. This ensures that all the information was available when giving personalized advice for the given situation. Furthermore, timing is also important. So the credit assistance should be taken at a set time where there are no other commitments. A great deal of credit and financial assistance is received through this service. For instance, when you receive your first credit card, a counsellor can guide you with the creation of a budget and determining exactly how much you can afford to spend based on your available income. Also, you should consider the assistance desk whenever you are facing issues making payments in your accounts. Financial tips regarding credit management are provided by the assistants, as they have your best interests at heart. One can avoid bankruptcy, eliminate credit card debts completely, improve money management skills, and reduce stress through the credit assistance service. Apart from the Classic Plan, all other plans provide the Credit Card Assist Desk service.
  8. Error mapping: There can be several errors in your credit report that can be as mundane as wrong address, name, identity number, date of birth or even gender. These are, however, not that significant to mess up the credit record. The serious errors include amount overdue that is much higher than the loan taken or inclusion of someone else’s loan in your report. Also, there might be other mistakes such as in account status (disputed, paid, defaulted, settled), date of loan closure, date of payment, etc. The credit score can have a huge impact if these mistakes are not corrected, resulting in blacklisting of banks or rejection of loan applications. That is why it is vital to keep your credit report clean and accurate. Errors in the credit report, credit score and history must be looked into regularly and not only while applying for a loan. It is important that the errors are identified and action must be taken such as filing of a dispute. Once all errors are mapped, the credit bureau must be contacted for requesting the corrections. This will eliminate any discrepancies that may be dragging your credit score down. Except for Classic and Gold, the Error Mapping service is provided by all other plans for free for 1 month, 6 months and 1 year for Elite, Imperia and Insignia plans respectively.  
  9. Official credit score transunion report: There are various types of official Credit Score TransUnion reports such as Credit Score Commercial Report, Credit Score Microfinance Report, and Credit Score Consumer Report. The Credit Score Commercial Report provides you with multi-dimensional and comprehensive credit file information on potential commercial borrowers so that you can make better, informed and accurate lending decisions. These borrowers include, among others, private limited companies, public limited companies, proprietorships, and partnership firms. A wealth of data is provided by these reports such as rich credit data sets based on the need of the business and more. You can evaluate how to minimize instances of serial and concurrent defaults, and the financial responsibility of potential commercial borrowers. Thus, better opportunities are created for your business as a credit grantor. This report helps to assess the financial responsibility before making financial decisions and to disburse credit faster whilst sustaining business profitability. It enables risk mitigation and lending with confidence and also accessing credit histories of possible commercial borrowers. The Credit Score consumer report provides widespread and highly-comprehensive data on the credit histories of existing and potential borrowers. This empowers you to lend with a higher level of confidence. On the basis of millions of updates received by TransUnion Credit Score from a strong member base comprising financial institutions, banks, state financial corporations, non-banking financial companies, credit card companies and housing finance companies, the credit file information is broad and comprehensive. It also enables to disburse credit faster with higher efficiency at all times.

A 360-degree view of your borrower is received in one comprehensive report that is powered by an exhaustive bureau database. This is called as the Credit Score Microfinance Report. It is a first-of-its-kind universal report that enables banks, non-banking financial companies, and microfinance institutions to make well-informed credit decisions. It can actually predict the total income of a consumer beyond salaries and wages and helps you retain customers on a more profitable basis and collect effectively. It also enables you to maintain profitability all through the customer lifecycle. Except for Classic and Gold, this service is provided by all other plans for free for 1 month, 6 months and 1 year for Elite, Imperia and Insignia plans respectively.  

Imperia and Insignia Improvement plans by Credit Bazaar offers the above services as well as the services are given below additionally:

Imperia and Insignia Improvement plans by Credit Bazaars
  1. Dual pan card error: You might have lost pan card years ago in an incident that you wouldn’t even remember now. However, you took another Pan Card and now without your awareness, you actually have two pan cards. This might cause huge discrepancies in your credit report even if all your credit activities are properly carried out. The credit score can go down because of this error. IT is crucial to surrender your extra pan card or report the problem and block the lost pan card. If multiple pan cards are on your name, you may be imposed on penalties, have a bad credit profile, mess up transactions and financial processes and also may be liable for prosecution. So such discrepancies can result in individuals landing in some unwanted situations. Basically, it can cause legal as well as financial problems. Under the Imperia and Insignia Improvement plan offered by Credit Bazaar, the dual pan card error is included in your services.
  2. Extended legal assistance: Extended Legal Assistance (ELA) includes taking carriage of a matter or several matters in a representative ongoing capacity. However, due to the nature of the matter/s, it does not proceed to a tribunal or a court, or the lawyer is not required to be present before a tribunal or court, except in few exceptional cases on a one-off basis.
  3. One time free counselling: A complimentary counselling is given to the customers to get insights about their financial condition and credit standing. This counselling is not charged for and is provided for 1 family member under Imperia plan and 2 family members under Insignia plan.
  4. Credit card protection: In cases of car theft, loss and related fraud, credit card protection is necessary. This service will help you protect all the credit cards in your wallet, along with your peace of mind. This service provides various benefits such as immediate blocking of all lost cars, emergency cash advance, etc.
  5. Free onetime credit bureau’s report ( equifax, crif-highmark, experian):Companies that collect and maintain the information of consumer credit are called credit bureaus or Credit Reporting Agencies (CRAs). Then they resell these consumer credit reports to other businesses. The three major agencies for credit reporting in the United States are Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax. While checking your credit, the lender and creditors are likely to do so through of the major CRAs. The lenders and companies from with which you do business provide credit-related information to the major CRAs. These agencies are regularly reported by your lenders as to whether you are making timely bill payments if you’ve been late or have defaulted the payments entirely. The amount of debt you owe to the lenders is reported to the agency. The credit bureaus also pull out relevant public records such as bankruptcy information, from state and local courts, or tax liens. All of this information is included in your credit report. This consumer credit information is sold only to the businesses who have a legally valid reason for reviewing these reports. Few agencies provide credit monitoring services to the consumers too, only you have to pay for it. All the credit bureaus are separate entities, however, they often have business relationships with the same credit card issuers, banks, and even other businesses that you may have accounts with. It is because of their connections that your account history will appear on either one or all your credit reports from these agencies. However, they do not share information with each other. Fraud alerts and credit freezes are exceptions to this rule. Imperia and Insignia Improvement Plans provide FREE Onetime Credit Bureau’s Report from CRAs such as Equifax, Experian, and Crif-Highmark.

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